How To Play Strip Poker

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There are many people who enjoy playing poker; however, instead of following the traditional rules, some people enjoy raising the stakes just a bit. One fun and flirty way that those stakes can be raised is through playing strip poker.

Generally defined, instead of players normally wagering money, strip poker involves players wagering items of clothes that they wear, meaning that they can literally lose the shirts off their backs – and even their pants – if they end up losing a hand. By the time the game itself is over, players could end up finding themselves completely naked!

If you’ve never played strip poker before and have always wanted to learn – at your own risk, of course – here are the basic rules of what to expect.

  • * The first thing to do is to gather together a group of people who are willing to play a game like this, as it’s important to make sure that they actually want to play. If you just bring it up out of nowhere, chances are great that the idea may make nearly everyone uncomfortable. In the event that anyone does end up being nervous, don’t suggest that they leave; in fact, after watching a few hands, they may be tempted to join in!
  • * Consider serving some alcoholic beverages, which will help some people who may be nervous about playing a game such as strip poker. Of course, alcohol can also help people relax more as well!
  • * Everyone should then come to an agreement on what the specific rules should be, such as exactly how far the game will go, how much each clothing item is worth, etc. Keep in mind that while some people may be comfortable with stripping until they’re nude, others may have their limits and may only feel comfortable with stripping down to their underwear. These are limits that should always be taken into consideration and respected.

  • * Ensure that all players start with the same amount of clothing. This is seen as being a more optional rule, but one that many players choose to follow just to be fair.
  • * Choose what kind of strip poker you’d like to play, such as five-card draw or Texas Hold’em. Regardless of the type of game you choose, make sure that everyone knows how to play and rank all of the traditional hands.
  • * Begin the game by dealing all cards as you normally would in a normal poker game. Anyone who loses a hand must strip off an item of clothing, one piece at a time. Continue this process until either one person or everyone except the winner is down to either their underwear or nothing at all. Once a winner has been named, allow everyone to get dressed again.