Great Strategy for Successful 3 Card Poker

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If you’re planning to put your 52 card deck down on the table and play a full hand of three card poker, it’s important that you know the rules first. You’re not playing against your rivals in the same way as you would with Texas Holdem. With 3 card poker, you’re up against the dealer.

The way it works is that players need to find a greater hand (at the very least a pair) than the dealer. Everybody is handed three cards to start with and the deck is rearranged before each hand begins. As there are only a handful of methods for making a straight with three cards, they earn bigger points and more money.

Don’t forget that aces remain high or low in three card poker. You have the option to make two types of bet. They are called the Pair Plus and the Ante. The Pair Plus is a bet on showing a hand containing a pair or higher arrangement. On the other hand, the ante is the ‘starting fee’ required to actually make a hand.

The dealer must hold a Queen or something more powerful or they’re out of the game entirely. If they are eliminated, the challenger (you) receives a kind of ‘fee’ from their ante payment, just so long as you didn’t call a fold.

Making an ante is pretty simple; you just place your cash in the designated Ante spot if you want to be a part of the round. If you do, the dealer and you will be handed three new cards. These are arranged face down in front of you, on the table. Your job is to decide whether you think the cards are good or bad.

In other words, would they support a bet or are you better off giving in and calling a fold? The rest should be familiar to keen poker players. At this point, during 3 card poker, either the bet or the fold is chosen. If it is the fold, the ante is lost. If it is a bet, you’ve got to match your original ante amount again. The winner walks away with the entire sum.

Pair Plus Pay Out Rules

Pairs earn a one to one pay out as well.

A flush pair will give you a 4 to 1 fee.

A straight gets a 6 to 1 sum.

A three of a kind receives a 30 to 1 pay out.

Lastly, a straight flush comes with a 40 to 1 fee.

Ante Pay Out Rules

Straights earn a basic one to one pay out or fee.

For a three of a kind, you get to a 4 to 1 fee.

A finally, straight flush receives a 5 to 1 pay out sum.

Understanding these rules will help you emerge from 3 card poker games as a winner, with a healthy prize fund. Remember, patience, focus, and paying attention to the actions of your fellow players are all essential tools for victory. Know your game, get familiar with the pace of play, and keep your eyes on the end goal.